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MEL understands the journey that mining enterprises need to take to reach their goals and often that goal is not easy to explain to a non-industry specific lender.

When you are submitting your inquiry about how you can partner with MEL, we kindly request you to include any relevant documents that can support and strengthen your application. These documents may include, but are not limited to, business proposals, partnership agreements, financial statements, market research reports, case studies, or any other pertinent information that showcases your expertise, experience, and potential synergies with MEL.

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Smart Lender

MEL is a smart lender, when you borrow from us you are not only getting a financial injection to your business, you are also gaining a partner.

As a “Smart Money” lender we take an equity position in your enterprise and a position in your organisation to provide you with any skill sets or assistance you need to take you from Today all the way to your Exit.

Smart Lending

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