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Mine Enterprise Lending is providing sophisticated investors the opportunity to have a direct equity investment with the company.

How it works

MEL proposes to use the funds raised under this Offer to provide Loans to Enterprise Owners. At the discretion of MEL, Loans may be secured by one or a combination of the following:

  • first, second or third ranking mortgages over real property; or
  • security interests under the Personal Property Securities Act 2009 (Cth), granted in favour of the Company over the assets of the Borrower and the Enterprise.

MEL will also acquire Equity in the relevant Enterprise or Enterprise Owner as a condition of advancing Loans.

MEL may also disburse funds raised under the Offer as Loans to Borrowers whose business includes the provision of financial instruments or services frequently relied upon in mining and mining related industries, such as:

  • escrow accounts;
  • standby letters of credit; and
  • insurance funding.

Industry Contribution

Australia’s minerals industry and its innovative mining, equipment, technology and services (“METS”) sector is a major contributor to investment, exports and government revenues. This industry contributes to the overall Australian economy in the following ways:

  • Economic contribution – Mining contributes more to the Australian economy than any other industry. In 2018-2019, the minerals industry paid $25.2 billion in company tax and $14.1 billion in royalties to the Commonwealth and state and territory governments;

  • Employment and social contribution: The mining industry generates highly skilled, highly paid jobs in regional and remote communities across Australia, directly employing around 238,000 Australians and supporting a total of 1.1 million direct and indirect jobs. Regional and indigenous businesses, established as a critical part of the mining supply chain, add to the sustainability of regional towns and remote communities;

  • Entrepreneurial spirit: Minerals exploration has always embodied Australia’s entrepreneurial spirit consistently adopting advanced methods to discover new mining opportunities across regional Australia;



  • Exploration investment: Australia is one of the world’s premier destinations for minerals exploration investment and there remains significant potential to discover further mineral deposits in both existing regions and new greenfield regions. “Most of the long-life profitable mines have been found in 20% of the Australian continent… The remaining 80% of the continent represents a largely unexplored or under-explored opportunity”

  • Emerging opportunities: Global consumption of mineral and energy commodities will continue to grow as incomes rise in emerging economies and high tech manufacturers of new energy, transport and health care technologies emerge, require increasing quantities of the precious and rare earth minerals Australia produces;

  • Attracting new investment: For Australia to continue its current production levels in the mining sector it relies on sustaining capital investment of approximately $20 billion pa, largely coming from private investors; and

  • Investment in METS and Minerals Processing: The Australian mining sector is a world leader in developing  ransformative technologies that consistently improve the efficiency and sustainability of mining operations. Investment in the METS sector is vital to accelerate this technological innovation in mining and mining equipment, raw materials processing, technology, mining services and low emissions energy.
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